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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rock Painting is Sweeping the Country!

Have you heard???

There is a rock painting craze sweeping across the United States!

People everywhere are getting together to paint rocks that they then hide in places where they hope they will be found by someone who needs their messages and inspiration or just a smile.

People report that finding these hand painted stones lifts their spirits and can be quite thrilling.  Who would have thought a simple rock could make someone so happy?

There are Facebook Groups where people post pictures of the rocks they find, which magnifies the pleasure of the person who created the painted rock by seeing how it made someone happy.

Hope, faith, love, inspiration and joy come to mind.

So far, more than 50,000 people have joined the group below that is painting rocks, hiding rocks, and leaving them for others to find.

Imagine a person finding a rock that says:

You can purchase a bag of rocks on Amazon!

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You could turn a bag of the above rocks into these adorable ladybugs!

Acrylic paint pens (affiliate link below) provide great control for writing inspirational messages on the rocks such as the one above that says "Be your own kind of Beautiful"

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More rock painting ideas:

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