Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Gathering Supplies and Where You can Find Rocks to Paint

Rocks are literally everywhere!

Most of the time they are free, however you can now purchase rocks online too (more about that later).

Most towns or municipalities have a stone yard or landscape supplier where they sell rock, slate and stones by the ton (just Google 'stone yard + your town, state').

At most of these stone yards, they keep a pile of misfit rocks that they will sell to the public at a discounted rate.  At my local stone center, they call me 'the rock lady', lol!

I buy rocks from the misfit pile, and they are nice enough to charge me the ton rate (which is about .10/lb.- remember they are broken pieces of rock that they can't sell to most customers because they are just that, broken and misshapen).

I also gave them a painted rock to display in their garden which has rendered me some custom work from a few people that saw it there, and also to thank them for giving me the special discount.

When you go to a rock yard, you will have to pick through piles of misshapen and broken rocks, so I will suggest you bring gloves, wear long pants and closed toed shoes, but most of all have fun deciding on which rocks will best fit your project. 

For example, if you're painting irises, you will want a tall rock, and if you're painting a basket of forget-me-nots (see the pic below), you would need a smaller and perhaps rounder rock.

Forget Me Not Basket
After you have painted your first rock or two, you will start to look at all rocks and imagine what you could paint on that particular rock based on its size and shape.  You probably will never look at rocks the same way again! 

Your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby will have many of the supplies you need, or you can also purchase everything you need on Amazon, even the rocks!

People everywhere are gathering together to paint small rocks, then hide them for others to find their inspirational messages.  You can read about that here.
Rocks are also available on Amazon now.  They sell bags of smooth stones that many people are purchasing to use in the rock painting craze that's sweeping across the nation in 2023!
Here is a picture and link underneath to rocks available online to purchase:
Rocks for painting available to purchase online

My preferred way to find rocks is a stone yard.  It's safe and easy and inexpensive and there are many shapes to pick from out of the misfit pile (as I stated above).  Plus, sometimes, as you may know, rocks can be a bit heavy so it's nice to have your car right there to transport them.

You can start by painting on smooth stones like the ones pictured above, then perhaps if you like it, start hunting around for rocks in nature at places like the beach or on a nature walk through a greenway.

A local rock yard like the one pictured below will provide a great variety of rock shapes to get your creative juices flowing. 

This looks just like my local stone center
Find yours by Googling 'stone center + your town & state"

Or perhaps you would like to go rock hunting at the beach...

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