Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Wonderful World of Rock Painting

Hello, and thank you for stopping by today - it’s so nice to have you here!
My name is Nancy (my artist's name is “nancymaggielee”, and I enjoy anything creative, making anything with my hands, and writing about crafts and sharing inspiration for new exciting craft projects.  

This blog will be dedicated to my crafting passion which may, to some, be considered somewhat of an unusual one… "I love painting on rocks!"

There, I said it, lol!

I painted my first rock as a child when I was about 10 years old (you can read that story here), and I picked up this amazing hobby again as an adult when I was looking for a creative outlet.

I knew I was hooked when I picked up a copy of 
"Painting Flowers on Rocks" by Lin Wellford.

Lin is the master rock painter in my opinion and gives great instruction in all of her educational books on painting.   

Pictured below is one of my painted flower rocks that I learned how to make from the book mentioned above.  (click on the link above to learn more about the book.

Throughout this blog, I will share my own painted rock creations as well as those of other rock painters.  I will share tips and tricks and instructional video and information about the world of rock painting.  

There will be a page where you can see my current rocks listed for sale, as well as pictures of those rocks I created in the past and have sold or given to friends and family as gifts like the painted butterfly rock below.

I will have links to videos and instructional information on how you, too, can learn the amazing, fun, and wonderful craft of rock painting, so sign up for my email list or check back often to see what’s new!

Be creative, and be happy!

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